Occupation Red Lantern (formerly)
Criminal (formerly)
SS-Colonel (formerly)
Member of The Presence (formerly)
Status Deceased

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Red ring-bearer: As a Red Lantern, he is able to harness his anger, a unique energy field, which is tapped into using the specialized ring given to them as a conduit.
    • Energy construct manipulation: Utilizing the Red Lantern ring, Sinistro is able to create objects out of red-hued energy harnessed from his anger.
    • Flight: With the ring, the Lantern was able to fly throughout space sectors and within planetary atmospheres.


  • Skilled combatant: Sinistro appears to is a highly skilled combatant.


  • Red Lantern ring: As a Red Lantern, the individual possessed a ring that allowed them to create constructs out of red energy.
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