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Ace Raymond


Firestorm (Earth Twenty-One)

Occupation Vigilante (in secret)
Member of Gemini Legion
Status Alive
Family Ronnie Raymond (husband)
Alter ego Firestorm

Alexander "Ace" Raymond born Queen, is a vigilante who along with his husband Ronnie became Metahumans and both men were is transmuted and conjoined into the meta-human Firestorm. Ronnie along with his husband Ronnie are member of the Doppelgängers team.

Powers and abilitiesEdit


  • Firestorm Matrix connection/Meta-human physiology: his DNA is altered and supercharged his cells, augmenting his physiology into well-beyond peak human condition. When Ronnie merges with Ace, the two create the nuclear-powered composite being Firestorm. The F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. Matrix were controlled by two individuals, or "halves"; when they achieve physical contact, the Matrix takes over their biology and merges them into a singular being. When the two halves of Firestorm merge, the Matrix has them take on the form of the individual that has the stronger body. If bereft of another half, Ace will still exhibit some of Firestorm powers, but only for a short time, as a symptom of approaching death.
    • Energy absorption: Firestorm has shown the ability to not only generate nuclear power, but also contain the energy coming from outside sources by absorbing its output.
    • Matter transmutation: Ronnie and Ace discovered that their nuclear powers can manipulate matter at an atomic level and arrange its subatomic structure so that it becomes a different substance altogether.
    • Nucleokinesis: Firestorm is virtually a living reactor, and as such, creates great amounts of nuclear energy via the numerous atomic reactions constantly occurring in his body. That and his mental capacity to process both fission and fusion, allow him to harness the energy emitting from his either his own body or any source of energy that’s near.
    • Psychic link: Ronnie can hear Ace's disembodied voice while the two of them are merged into Firestorm. Even when they are separated, their link allows them limited communication of sensations or emotions. This link can be so strong that if Ace wanted to prevent whoever he merged with from attacking, he can restrain the nuclear energy from being shot out.
    • Pyrokinesis: Due to the unique nature of the transmutation between the two bodies, Firestorm is able to produce nuclear energy in the form of fire from parts of his body. He can use his control over the energy to project it willingly in the form of concussive blasts. These "nuclear blasts" are often shown to be quite powerful and have shown to be able to knock unarmed humans out unconscious and are hot enough to burn through solid structures and even cause harm to meta-humans. Ace has exhibited some pyrokinetic ability even without another half to join with him, though it was a sign of approaching death.
    • Flight: Firestorm has so far seen to have at least two methods to achieve flight. The first and most common is when he uses fires nuclear blasts downward at a consistent rate, thereby generating enough force to defy gravity and allow for stable propulsion. This flight style is his preferred and most practiced choice. The second method is unclear, as he is shown to be able to fly at impressive speeds without the need of his blasts.


  • Ionized radiation: The Firestorm Matrix can be destabilized by bombarding its cellular structure with ionized radiation, temporarily disabling Firestorm's powers. Though it will not separate Ronnie and Stein it will cancel Firestorm's powers for a small amount of time.