Ben Chapman



Full Name Benjamin William Chapman
Member of New Olympians
Member of The Hidden (formerly)
Status Alive
Family Damien Darhk (father; deceased)
Unamed (mother; deceased)
Chase (brother)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Powers Edit

  • Unique Physiology
    • Energy Absorption|Solar Absorption: Like Superman, Apollo's powers are dependent on the Sun needing only exposure or access to sunlight to activate. Unlike Superman however, Apollo's body behaves more like a battery as his powers are far more directly dependent on the sun; whereas Superman's abilities are somewhat more 'internal'.
  • Flight: He can fly at great speeds. He has been shown to easily cross the entire globe in less than 30 Seconds.
    • Self-Sustenance: Apollo does not require food or drink as his body is entirely sustained by his solar energy. He can survive in anaerobic environments indefinitely (he flies in space, by the simple method of not breathing).
    • Invulnerability: He has walked and survived in the Sun without any sign of discomfort and has been able to easily enter a lava flow to deactivate a volcano.
    • Accelerated Healing: Though commonly invulnerable to mostly all attacks, Apollo can be injured by the depletion of his solar energy reserves. While he is still durable, he is susceptible to physical damage. When presented with solar energy his wounds heal within a matter of minutes if not seconds normally.
    • Thermal Blast: His eyes are constructed to channel solar energy into laser like blasts, literally concentrated sunlight. The limit of his "laser vision" has not been discovered but it is so powerful that he has scorched the entire surface of the Moon without any effort.
    • Energy Projection: Apollo can also release his solar energy from other parts of his body like his hands or omnidirectionally from his entire body.
    • Superhuman Speed
    • Superhuman Stamina
    • Superhuman Strength

Abilities Edit

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced)
  • Leadership: Apollo was the leader of a black ops StormWatch team.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Power Limitation|Solar Depletion: Apollo can drain himself through overuse of his powers since living on the Carrier does not provide him with a constant exposure to solar energy. However, even when drained he will be able to fly(barely) after 20 seconds in direct sunlight, though it would take him 2 hours to be at full charge. This can be somewhat circumvented by transporting (using the Carrier's 'Door' system) into close proximity to the sun. This is in contrast to Superman, who can never "run out" of power. He may weaken, but it's in the same vein as an athlete who has exhausted himself, rather than a car that has literally no fuel left to function. He is still nearly invulnerable, and very strong. Apollo will die if he completely depletes his solar stores, and his strength/resilience drop accordingly when weakened to the point where he's essentially normal. It has been seen that his power can be easily depleted when he is blocked off from solar energy when it has no way at all to reach him and he expends energy. The signs of this are he becomes increasingly withered and aged.
  • Vulnerability to|Extreme Temperature Changes: As demonstrated by the Midnighter in The Authority: Revolution, Apollo's powers can be heavily affected by extreme temperature changes, like hitting him with a blast of enhanced liquid nitrogen which quick cooled Apollo robbing him of much of his solar power as all the heat in his body had been rabidly evaporated into sweat.