Daniel Palmer

Danny Palmer

Night Guardian

Occupation Physicist
Vigilante (in secret)
Member of Night Warriors
Ally of Legends (in secret)
Ally of Team Arrow (in secret)
Ally of Team Flash (in secret)
Status Alive
Family Dick Grayson (older brother)
Josh Grayson (twin brother, separated at birth)
Bruce Wayne (biological father)
Ray Palmer (adoptive brother)
Sydney Palmer (adoptive brother)
Rachel Turner (adoptive future great-great-great-great grandniece)
Alter ego Night Guardian

Dr. Daniel "Danny" Palmer is a physicist and a metahuman. He is the biological son of Bruce Wayne, biological litlle brother of Dick Grayson, biological twin brother of Josh Grayson, adoptive brother of Ray and Sydney Palmer. He was in Central City, during the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator exploded, he discovered that he had developed telekinesis and various other abilities derived from it. Using these super powers, he began acting as the vigilante known as Night Guardian.


Danny is kind, caring, selfless, observant and intelligent person who always wants to do good and would have sacrificed his own life so that another could have lived. He can sometimes be cocky, arrogant and sarcastic, making jokes about needy every situation, but would become serious and demanding when the situation called for it.

He is willing go to extreme lengths to save those close to him, caring a great deed for both of his parents and his older brother. He is shown a merciful and compassionate nature, consistently extending an offer to help even his most dangerous enemies before putting a stop to their evil deeds. However, when his patience reached its limit or his enemies were duplicitous, they received no mercy or second chances. He would also try to avoid harming those who were not in control of their actions, as well as defend them from their captors or those who would cause them further harm.

Despite being considered a good person, he didn't think of himself as one, seeming more susceptible to changes in personality; he grew more vicious, unforgiving, and developed a short temper when he didn't have company to restrain his dark side. He can also be ruthless at times, and would strike down those who committed horrific acts.

Powers and Abilities


  • Telekinesis: Danny has telekinesis of extreme strength and magnitude. He is able to telekinetically move, levitate, control, and manipulate people, and multiple inanimate objects with mere thought via his hands or eyes alone. He can use this to various effects. He is able to fly, create telekinetic force fields, unleash incredibly powerful blasts of telekinetic force and, freely control and manipulate several objects from a huge distance. Since his abilities are mind-based, it means that if he's unable to concentrate or form a thought, he's unable to use his powers. This also means that most of his powers are controlled by his emotions and feelings and can often get out of hand if he gets angry enough, causing nearby objects to telekinetically combust or random destructive telekinetic bursts to happen, even sending things flying depending on how passionate he's feeling. He can now control matter at a molecular level. He caused someone to bleed from every orifice, killing them slowly and also annihilate someone on an subatomic level with a snap of his fingers. While he rarely ever uses hand-to-hand combat, when he does, it's often pumped with his telekinesis behind it, making it a formidable attack. The telekinesis generally forms a shield around his fist and body and that allows him to pretty much punch through everything if necessary, simply because of the amount of thought he puts behind it.
  • Superhuman strength: Danny is able to telekinetically enhance his natural physical abilities, thereby granting him a massive increase in things such as physical strength, allowing him to literally overpower virtually anything in a physical fight.
  • Sensing: Danny is able sense an attack and acts as a warning siren that lets him know if he is being attack. However, this doesn't always work and can sometimes be caught off guard.
  • Force field: Danny can use his telekinesis to create a force fields around his body, he is able to reduce injury from energy based attacks by causing the object to be deflected from his personal force field.
  • Invulnerability: Daniel can mentally grant himself a form of telekinetic durability which basically is an invisible skin of armor that will come to their aid when it is required. While the armor is being used, he is virtually untouchable. Unfortunately, it will only work if he is prepared for whatever form of harm is threatening him, and if he fail to react in time, it can result in him being seriously injured or even killed.
  • Psionic burst: Danny displayed this ability only once, when he got angry with Vandal Savage. This ability was unrefined and so it was highly destructive, destroying a large part of a wall in mere seconds.
  • Flight: Daniel is able to telekinetically levitate himself off the ground as well as propel himself at remarkable speeds.


  • Genius-level intellect/Expert tactician: Danny is a genius of the highest calibre, having an IQ of 145 and four PhDs. He is very calculating and methodical in every action he takes, analyzing and preparing for events well in advance.
  • Eidetic memory: Danny has repeatedly displayed an unusually adept memory, being capable of memorizing every detail before mobilizing simply by analyzing the information.
  • Expert engineer: Danny is a highly skilled engineer and has an aptitude for mechanics, learning much in repairing and constructing technology, having developed a variety of devices.
  • Expert escape artist: Danny has shown that he can effortlessly break free from handcuffs with ease and slip them onto Quentin Lance without him even noticing.
  • Skilled marksman/Firearms: Danny has shown high levels of skill in the use of his sidearm.
  • Hand-to-hand combatant: Danny has proven himself to be a skilled fighter to an unknown degree. This is evidenced when he managed to fight, defeat and disarm an armed time pirate.
  • Multilingual: Danny is capable of fluently speaking, at least eight languages including English, German, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Latin, Japanese and ancient Egyptian.


  • Night Guardian suit: Danny wears a protective suit as his vigilante alter-ego, Night Guardian, to hide his identity from his enemies when he goes out fighting crime. The suit is made out of a reinforced tri-polymer and is heat and abrasive resistant.
  • Night Guardian mask: Daniel wears a mask to hide his identity from his enemies.
  • Earpieces: Danny installed two earpieces on his mask to maintain a communication link with Ray's A.T.O.M. Exosuit while he's in the field. It can also allow Daniel connection to the Waverider in order to communicate with Gideon and the Legends.
  • Voice filter: Danny uses this device to disguise his voice, regardless of who he speaks to as Night Guardian.
  • Night Guardian watch: Danny has a watch that hold his entire costume in it and shoot it out of the face, allowing him to change into it and always have it ready for wear.

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List of Inventions

Night Guardian suit: with help of Maddox King and his tech, Daniel made a protective suit for himself as his vigilante alter-ego, Night Guardian.