Green Iron suit
Green Iron suit
Creator(s) Maddox King
Owner(s) Maddox King
Louis Carnegie
User(s) Louis Carnegie
Ashton Duke (briefly; formerly)
Function Combat armor

The Green Iron suit, is an exosuit designed by Maddox King. It is used by Louis Carnegie in his exploits as a vigilante around Starling City as Green Iron. Components of the suit are apparently made out of dwarf star and kryptonite alloy, rares substances.


  • Enhanced Durability: The suit gives an enhanced durability. The Green Iron Suit withstood mini-drones, cars, explosive arrows, falling several feet and repeated blows from super soldiers. After all this, Tony only had a few cuts on his face and a black eye showing how durable the suit is.
  • Enhanced Strength: The suit amplifies its pilot's strength to superhuman levels. It allowed user to grab Ghost by the neck and lift him off as his feet as well as body slam Deathstroke back several feet and escape from a pile of several automobiles dropped on top of him.
  • Flight: Like previous versions of the suit, this one allows for flight via jets in his back, boots, and palm repulsors.
  • Repulsors: Green Iron's primary mode of attack are his repulsor beams, launched from the nodes of the suit's palms. The ones on the Green Iron Suit boast a near instant charging speed. They are powerful enough to launch targets off their feet and send them flying back. One shot was sufficient to give Saracon an instant black eye. They were also capable of deflecting soundest projectiles.
  • Lasers: The suit can fire a laser from the back of each of its hands. The laser can cut through thick stone with ease.
  • Missiles: This suit has six mini-missile launchers on each shoulder, along with one on the back of each forearm. Despite their small size, they are extremely powerful being capable of destroying stone and metal with ease.
  • EMP projectiles: Fired from the forearm, the EMPs are capable of neutralizing the electrical systems of their target.
  • Unibeam: A powerful repulsor beam emitted from the main Kryptonite Reactor. It was powerful enough to completely disintegrate the majority of the Deathstroke suit.
  • Powered clamp: Two disc like projectiles launched consecutively with retractable metal fibres that can form a powered clamp to bind enemies. Launched from the upper right hand of the suit, it is powerful enough to bind the legs of Deathstroke.
  • Collapsible Helmet: Unlike prior variations on the suit, which had at most a removable faceplate, this suit has a fully-collapsible helmet.
  • Electricity projection: The suit is equipped with gloves that project arcs of high voltage electricity via the fingertips. The electricity is capable of sending a target backwards and is not lethal, though it may be able to harness higher voltage for lethal attacks. In addition, this weapon can fire in a millisecond whereas the primary solid light weapon takes a few seconds or less to charge up and build energy to fire, making the electric weapon slightly faster in functionality than the primary weapon.
  • High-spectrum portable radiograph: The suit has an in-built high-spectrum radiograph, essentially allowing to Green Iron suit x-ray vision through objects or scan objects at all angles, even the most obscure or microscopic.
  • Advanced computer system/Gideon: variaton of timeship A.I Gideon, she provides suit feedback, tactical analysis and tactical countermeasures. She was also able to analyze fight with Ghost pattern and provide a programmed countermeasure tactic.Gideon are capable of scanning objects and identifying in seconds, even if the object is obscured. These systems can create a near three dimensional image of whatever it sees and can uses to this to render a scanned object and other information surrounding it within its advanced heads-up-display (HUD). The HUD is capable of processing several images at once. It also has a targeting system and projects targeting reticles on the HUD. The suits targeting systems are in since with its weapons and can activate and use a selected weapon milliseconds after selecting a target.
  • Advanced facial recognition software: Maddox King built the suit to make use of facial recognition, regardless of how vague or hidden it is, meaning it is capable of scanning any target and making a nearly instantaneous match to the subject.
  • Neural link: A new addition to Green Iron suit allows anyone wearing a special headset to control the Green Iron suit. This can be used by the user in the Green Iron suit, for ease of use, or from an external source to control the suit from afar.