Mason Constantine
Occupation Waiter at Pandemonium
Occult detective
Ally of John Constantine's team (in secret)
Ally of the Team Sovereign (in secret)
Status Alive
Family John Constantine (father)
Anne Marie Flynn (mother)
Sam Constantine (brother)
Gideon Constantine (brother)

Mason Constantine, also known as Mason Flynn, is one of the Pandemonium waiter, an occult detective, son of John Constantine and Anne Marie Flynn, brother of Gideon and Sam Constantine.

Powers and abilitiesEdit


  • Magic: Like his father John Constantine, Mason is a master of the occult and mystic arts. Since his childhood years, Mason has accumulated vast knowledge and skill of magic, mysticism, and the supernatural. He is well-versed in various words and phrases of multiple ancient languages, such as Latin, which he will usually chant while performing certain rituals or incantations. Many incantations give him the ability to affect physical forces, such as the inner workings of mechanisms, and the movements of others, allowing him to move objects and control their motion and momentum with the proper incantation.
    • Exorcism: Mason can exorcise spirits that are demonic or ghostly in origin from their hosts by chanting incantations. Like his father, Exorcism is one of Mason's most prominent abilities.
    • Necromancy: Mason mentioned that he mastered necromancy during his childhood years. He was able to allow the spirits of the dead to move on to the afterlife. Mason is also capable of restoring a person's lost soul back into their body.
    • Pyrokinesis: Mason possesses some power over fire, as shown when he ignited his hands with a lighter, and suffered no harmful effects from his hands being engulfed in flames.
    • Summoning: Mason can summon various entities, and even control them. He has summoned demons to fight other demons for him,.
    • Magic circles: Mason uses magic circles that can be used for rituals, as boundaries, or traps for certain creatures.
    • Telekinesis: Mason has proved he ca use telekinesis, once telekinetically closed and locked a door.
    • Interdimensional travel: Mason, knew an Egyptian ritual that would allow him to travel to the reality, created by an unknow magical atefact. Mason also performed a ritual that transported himself, to the spirit world, to rescue trapped soul.
    • Supernatural concealment: Mason mentioned that he could hide Liv from demons with a special spell.
    • Bi-location: like his motherAnne Marie, Mason has the ability to be in two places at the same time. She is able to project a physical and unstable form of her body. She used this ability to contact John while she was in Mexico.


  • Occult knowledge: Mason has acquired extensive knowledge of the supernatural. Mason is master of the dark arts and well versed in demonology. He has been studying the dark arts since his childhood years. 
  • Skilled detective: Mason is a skilled detective, specializing in paranormal investigation.
  • Expert escape artist: Mason has shown that he can effortlessly break free from hand cuffs.
  • Expert con artist: Mason has a well known reputation of being a con man.
  • Skilled swordsman: Mason demonstrated a degree of swordsmanship, able to hold his own against a manifestation of a League of Assassins member. However, he was quickly pressured enough that he had to resort to magic to defeat his opponent.
  • Expert Hand-to-hand combattant: Mason was able to knock out three opponent thanks to his great abilities in close fightning.
  • Multilingual: Mason can perform spells in Arabic, Ancient Egyptian, Spanish, Italian so it can be presumed he know the language fluently.
  • Extra sensory awareness: Mason had an uneasy feeling when he first arrived in Star City, it was because of Damien Darhk.


  • Bag: Mason has a bag of items that he may need for his investigations. Some items he carries in the bag are: holy water, holy oil, salt, goofer dust, hand of glory, a police scanner, EMF meter, duct tape, lighter and hex bags.
  • Magic coin: Mason possesses a charmed coin that is both a tracking device and a listening device.
  • Tarot cards: Mason carries a deck of fortune-telling cards, each card holding a meaning.
  • Business cards: Mason carries business cards that read, "Mason Constantine: Occult Detective."
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