Nanda Parbat
Nanda Parbat
Location Below the Hindu Kush
Use(s) City
Owner(s) Maddox King
Nyssa Raatko

"I found myself in a place called Nanda Parbat. I met a man there. He helped me make sense of things. He helped me to find a purpose for my life; to make this city a better place for everyone. Especially for you."
Malcolm Merlyn to Tommy Merlyn on Nanda Parbat

Nanda Parbat is a city hidden beneath the Hindu Kush mountain range. Previously home to the League of Assassins, it is where Sara Lance lived, and it is also where Malcolm Merlyn trained for two years, becoming the Dark Archer prior to his ascension to Ra's al Ghul. He again became home to the League of Assassins after its refoundation.



Former residentsEdit

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