Phoenix Stone
Phoenix Stone1
Creator(s) Multiverse
Owner(s) "Bridger" (formerly)
User(s) "Bridger" (formerly)
Function Altered DNA and Personality
Give meta-human powers
Taking away meta-human powers
"Hey, uh, I got a dissertation here from Harvard University about the myth of an ancient Egyptian or Hindu weapon called the Eye of Ra or the Narayanastra. A Legendary artifact with incredible powers, capable of... wait for it... give to the strongest, the all powers and personality of all his twins."
Cisco Ramon and Felicity Smoak

The Eye of Ra or Narayanastra, commonly known as the Phoenix Stone is an ancient artifact used by the "Bridger". It is made of calcified Dimensional energy energy, and is the artifact responsible for the creation of the Dark God. Bridger used it to altered Maddox King's DNA and personality to give it powers and personnality of All his doppelgängers, those alive but also those who died, like Sinistro or worse the General Zod .

Known usersEdit

  • "Bridger" (formerly)

Known people affectedEdit

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