Sovereign suit
Creator(s) Unknown
Owner(s) Maddox King
User(s) Maddox King
Function Protective suit
The Sovereign suit is a protective suit that Maddox King wears as the superhero , Sovereign.



Sovereign Standard SuitEdit

  • Cape: To help with his flying, Maddox relies on a cape to help him to turn for when he is flying due to the fact capes help with aerodynamics.
  • Lasso of Truth: Sovereign's specialized completely unbreakable magical weapon, with the ability to force anyone it captures to obey the lasso's wielder and tell the truth.
  • Bracelets of Submission: Sovereign wears two specialized nigh-indestructible gauntlets. They are incredibly durable, capable of deflecting even Ares' humongous torrents of lightning, while also having the ability to create a massive wave of energy outwards when clashed together.
    • Aegis: Sovereign's magical shield, which he uses to protect himself from other weapons and energy blasts (in tandem with his bracelets). Much like his bracelets, it is nigh-indestructible, capable of deflecting even humongous torrents of lightning from Ares. It can also be used as an offensive weapon. He summoned his shield from his left gauntlet.
    • Dagger of Zeus Sovereign's dagger, gift of the God himself, one of the few weapons that can actually injure the invulnerable Kryptonians. He summoned his shield from his left gauntlet.
    • Sword of Olympus: Sovereign's sword, gift of the King of Olympus, his Divine Father Zeus himself, one of the few weapons that can actually injure the invulnerable Kryptonians. He summoned his shield from his right gauntlet.
  • Bow of Artemis : Since the War of the Gods, Maddox wield a powerful bow, capable of firing arrow-shaped bolts of fiery energy previosly owned by his half sister the Goddess Artemis herself. In named itin her honor.
  • Advanced durability: It is unknown what materials the suit is made out of, however, the suit is just as durable as Maddox.
  • Identity concealment: Maddox uses a Golden mask with eye-holes, to conceal his identity to prevent enemies from knowing his true identity while still being able to operate as a superhero.

Upgraded Sovereign Standard SuitEdit

  • AdvancedTechnology: Upgraded by Maddox himself, the Sovereign suit is now one of Earth's more advanced products, housing an advanced array of sophisticated technology to help Maddox's capabilities as the Sovereign.
    • Suit Materialization: After calibrated the new suit's nanites to his mind, Maddox is able to mentally command the suit to materialize from its necklace with the same energy field generated capable of shredding any other clothing it replaces. Due to the helmet or the hood has being integrated into the suit, Maddox is able to summon and dismiss the helmet portion at will, as well as just its lenses.
      • Suit Regeneration: After a small portion of the suit was destroyed by a blast, the Habit was able to reform the lost portion back.
    • Energy Redistribution: a prominent feature of the upgraded suit is its ability to redistribute stored energy. It can receive energy from any incoming source, such as bullets being fired at Maddox or attacks from enemies, that its nanites will hold in place to release later. The suit begins to glow red from its accumulated charge of energy, to which Maddox can use either by releasing it all at once, or to charge his strikes during combat, further augmenting the force behind them.
      • Kinetic Energy Pulse: Using the kinetic energy absorbed from the bullets being fired at him, Maddox was able to disable a car with an energy pulse expelled by the suit.
    • Sound Nullification: Maddox wears sound absorbent shoes while using the suit, enabling his footsteps to be completely masked, making it easy for him to be stealthy.
    • Communication System: The suit has a built-in communication system, allowing T'Challa to communicate with D.E.O. for exemple.

Sovereign Amazonian SuitEdit

Sovereign Olympian SuitEdit

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