The Four Horsemen
The Four Horsemen symbol
Aim(s) Protect Sovereign at any cost
Dispense Justice
Leader(s) Sovereign

"Wherever Sovereign was, he always had his four principle Knights. Disciples. Protectors he would imbue with immense powers."
Nate Heywood to the Justice League


  • Achilles/Hayat Al Mout known as Hayat Al Mout (Arabic: حياة موت; for Life & Death) and Al Faris Al'Aswad (Arabic: الفارس الأسود; for The Black Knight)
  • Hercules/Al Wafrat Walmujaea known as Al Wafrat Walmujaea (Arabic: الوفرة والمجاعة; for Abundance & Famine) and Al Faris Al'Abyad (Arabic: الفارس الابيض; for The White Knight)
  • Perseus/Al Sihat Wal'aba known as Al Sihat Wal'aba (Arabic: الصحة والوباء; for Health & Pestilence) and Al Faris Al'Akhdar (Arabic: الفارس الاخضر; for The Green Knight)
  • Theseus/Harb Al Salam known as Harb Al Salam (Arabic: حرب السلام; for Peace & War) and Al Faris Al'Ahmar (Arabic: الفارس الاحمر; for The Red Knight)