The Hidden
Leader(s) Lourdes

The Hidden is a secretive organization. It is said to be made up of soldiers and scholars.


Earlier missionsEdit

Lourdes stole a map of the hidden temple of the Ashkiri for Ibadan, from a wealthy collector in London.

On the edge of the Hindu Kush mountainsEdit

Sometime later, when he was nineteen years old, Arthur King was recruited into The Hidden by Darius. In 1985, the two of them went on a mission in the Hindu Kush mountains, wishing to destroy a marker to the Ashkiri temple and subsequently seal it permanently. They were caught in a sandstorm, before being approached by the League of Assassins. The sandstorm flipped their vehicle, as well as knocking out some League members. Noticing other approaching League members, Lourdes followed them, discovering Arthur and Darius' tracks. Before the two men could split their paths to continue searching, Lourdes caught up, catching them by surprise, who joined Arthur. Arthur subsequently made his way up a cliff face, discovering that the mountain itself was the temple's marker. They returned to base camp to tell Ibadan of what they'd found. In private, Ibadan explained to Arthur why they had been looking for the Ashkiri temple and its significance. As Arthur and Lourdes left, their vehicle exploded.

Known membersEdit

Current membersEdit

Former membersEdit

Deceased membersEdit

  • Darius (double agent; killed by leopards)
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